Caravan Theatre at MERGE Festival


Live theatre was showcased in the intimate setting of the 70s gold Safari caravan, where four audience members at a time experienced a unique 15 minute theatrical experience.

MERGE Festival is an annual festival curated by Illuminate Productions to encourage and promote a set of performances, events and happenings which draw on the rich heritage and contemporary culture of Bankside.

The Caravan Theatre was programmed by Robin Linde Productions in 2014 and 2015.

Different shows in September and October 2014 on the Riverside Walk by Tate Modern.

Each show was performed for 4 days, 12 shows a day



Using various props, short music fragments and a pinch of PowerPoint style storytelling the audience was invited into the world of a young woman’s ode to her puppy love.

We’ll Call Him Pim is a short story about two teenagers who experience their first feelings of what they call love for each other. Their story starts at age fifteen, when the smallest details are of utter importance, and continues to the present day. Nothing has been left undocumented over the years. Looking back, it would seem that the smallest details are just as important today as they were back then..
Young, beautiful, innocent puppy love meets deep, dark, slightly obsessive never-letting-go behaviour.

Written and performed by Robin Steegman
Directed by Douglas Rintoul

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A surreal and visually charged show. Sincere in its quest and uncanny in its humour.
Written and performed by Rakel Dimar & Chien-Han Hung


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Enter an otherworld where a fairy trapped in a bottle of Merlot challenges you to a game of snap. Where a widowed chameleon looks for new purpose in life, where a sloth makes the ultimate sacrifice for love. Come share in the mirth, misery and whimsy.

Written and performed by Sammy Kissin
Directed by Kirsty Patrick Ward

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Catch a ride in the caravan without even lifting your thumb and rewrite your journey with a little help from a friend. Annemiek van Elst tells stories of adventurous travels through London and beyond. You will become part of this ever-expanding tale.…

Created and performed by Annemiek van Elst




Caravan Theatre: A short excerpt from the relaxing and disconcerting ‘Tick Tock’ In the Gold Caravan outside Tate Modern. Created and performed by Rakel Dimar and Chien-Han Hung. Camera : Caravan Theatre @ Merge Festival 2014 : Programmed by Robin Linde Productions