ALL BOXED UP – Vault Festival

March 2018: A seriously surreal black comedy about a special kind of widow.

Written by Sammy Kissin
Directed by David Kirkbride
Performed by Robin Steegman.

A seriously surreal black comedy about a special kind of widow.

It’s Big Tony’s Big wake and we are all here to celebrate his life, his achievements, his triumphs.
With Mr. Kipling Cakes on tap and surrounded by the crème de la crème of the commercial Universe, his heartbroken widow takes us on rollercoaster journey through the golden age of advertising.

Although not a superstar herself, she’s a survivor and supreme mistress of re-
invention. She hitch-hikes her way to eminence and the high-life.

But what happens at the tail end of forty years in this cut-throat world, when the
era of mascots, jingles and sugary cereals seems all but over? What is there left
for a widowed chameleon? Can she adapt to these most challenging of times, can
she remain relevant and at what cost? Who is she now that her protector is gone
and what is left of her after so many re-imaginations?

These are all questions to be explored in a new drama – a surreal world where
memoir meets film-noir.
This piece looks at how we sell and are sold to and how this is a changing landscape of media and sales. How it affects the way we look at each other and how we communicate.

Waterloo East Theatre
14 — 18 Mar

17 March