Vault Festival 2017

15 minute performances

Four weeks of various evocative, humorous, intriguing 15 minute plays at VAULT FESTIVAL.

Improvised, revisited and /or verbatim, we brought up to 20 short pieces to a small intimate audience of nine people max at a time.

‘Beside me a tall, handsome Syrian man inhaled his disappointment. I turned to him worried. “If there are bullets, there must be a gun.” He frowned at my naivety, “There are many things in the jungle.”’
MEENA is an account of the author’s time volunteering at the ‘unofficial women and children’s centre’, Calais.
A dirty, funny, undignified report of life in squalor on a rich continent.
Written by Claire Wilson
Directed by Robin Steegman
Performed by Maya Wasowicz
Wednesday March 1st

Waiting pic
‘This waiting for the Home Office to decide … it is a diplomatic form of torture.’
Ice & Fire theatre explores human rights stories through performance. Since 2006, they have been collecting and disseminating first-hand accounts of asylum seekers and refugees living in the UK through their Actors for Human Rights network.
Asylum Monologues is their flagship script and will include new testimonies collected during 2016.

Friday February 17th & Thursday March 2nd


“The Hearing will take place at the allocated time. You may prepare a written statement. Failure to attend indicates acceptance of the terms.”
Set in a dystopian near future. After recent turmoil and upheaval order has been restored. Selected citizens are required to attend a hearing to determine their value to the new society. The Hearing is now in session…
Written by Jack Kelly
Directed by J. Baldwin
Performed by Judith Amsenga & Alexander Pankhurst
Wednesday February 15th & Thursday March 2nd

“What happens when we die?
We become Whales. And we float through endless blue. And nothing can touch us because we’re so strong, sperm whales. And we sing. And we all have a whale of a time. You’re my whale-Angel.”
Join Corinne, a young tear away with an exceptional ability to paint in a story about life, death, colour and Frida Khalo.
Written and directed by Paloma Oakenfold
Performed by Emma RichardsonSaturday February 11th & Friday March 3rd

One morning in 1519, while cleaning out the fireplace in her master’s house, Lizzie Barton had a vision of the future. She ran out into the streets of Canterbury to make a great prophecy, as told to her by God himself… and it didn’t come true. Neither did the next one. But the one after that. .. Now, in the minutes before her execution, Lizzie Barton, the Mad Maid of Kent, proudly explains to anyone who will listen how a common, illiterate serving girl became an advisor to the most powerful man in England.

Written and performed by Olivia Mace

Thursday February 9th, 16th & Saturday March 4th
CITIZEN RECALL: Mrs Helen Stridgen –
There is a figure at the window.
Alive 3 years after dying.
They are coming for her…
But first, some cake.
Written and directed by Paul Westwood
Performed by Helen Ryan
Friday February 10th, Wednesday February 22nd & Wednesday March 1st

A 15-minute one-woman play about a mother who is grieving the life of her son.
Drug dealer Daniel is in trouble with the police (again), and his mother Janet has travelled far and fast, to fish out a bag of cocaine of his from his half-finished caravan. But something goes wrong…
Written and directed by Frode Gjerløw
Performed by Denise Stephenson
Saturday March 4th

Screen Shot 2017-01-27 at 22.08.01
Johnny is having a bad day. His job’s on the line, his girlfriend’s left him and worst of all, he’s left his mobile at home. As an estate agent on the crest of London’s wave of gentrification, Johnny flogs prime property day in day out.
But how long can it carry on?
Written by Sammy Kissin
Directed by Zoe Lafferty
Performed by Henry Gilbert
Friday March 3rd
For sale
Spare Room Applicant #2
“The truth is that six months from now they’ve torn
The kiddies’ playground down. Construction’s started.
We’re out.
But that’s
For then, and this is now – ”
You’re invited to an open viewing: room to rent, £595 per month.
Competition will be strong.
A story about finding your voice when all the world is trying to drown it out.
Written by Matt Cunningham
Based on characters devised by Reboot Theatre Company
Saturday February 25th
Image 1 Stace in Space
A bittersweet and unlikely story of love and loss and identity. Funny and touching with a double helping of silliness.
Written by Sammy Kissin
Performed by Robin Steegman
Directed by David Kirkbride

Saturday February 11th & Thursday February 16th

So you’ve been living as a robot. How’s that working out for you?
Sure, the lack of accountability is an advantage; the not eating and washing business saves time and money; and ain’t nobody got time for those pesky emotions….
But aren’t you getting tired of the monotony? The same dance moves at every party?
Don’t you miss laughing?
Join us at Re-Human: a support group for those bravely venturing back into the world of feelings, heartbeats and anxious peeing.
Re-Human is a 15 minute piece exploring vulnerability, connections and the risks we take when we allow ourselves to live.
Written and performed by Alison Arnopp

Saturday February 25th

The face a camera captures a split second before we are ready to be seen. Slack, fuzzy uncontrolled and unrecognisable. It doesn’t even look human.
But it’s still you.  What do others see in those moments when the mask slips?  This show invites you to, anonymously, place your most vulnerable moments into a story box to be reimagined.  See your own experiences retold in song. Don’t worry you won’t be exposed! All you have to do is watch with your eyes open as this storyteller embraces all the moments in between. 
Created and performed by 

Saturday February 18th & Wednesday February 22nd

With the world in such a terrible state, the formerly secret Society of Nice is recruiting new members. Once you have passed their rigorous training and evaluating process, you will be invited to be one of their agents in the field. You could be assigned one act of kindness to carry out and thus become a lifetime member of an exclusive and generous group of officials.
Created by the cast from an original idea by Jinni Lyons and Katy Schutte.
Performed by Jinni Lyons, Helen Foster and Jonah Fazel

Friday February 24th

You’re six years old and it’s your birthday party. Sure, it’s only your other home-schooled friends and your parents, but you’ll have a wonderful time playing games, watching a special guest entertainer, eating cake, getting presents and learning some valuable life lessons.
Created by the cast from an original idea by Jinni Lyons and Katy Schutte.
Performed by Jinni Lyons, Helen Foster and Jonah Fazel.

Thursday February 23rd

This story plunges us into the tragi-comic reality of what it means to be a human, searching for love and meaning in the assemble-it-yourself age of Ikea.
Written by Sammy Kissin
Performed by Judith Amsenga
Directed by Anthony Lau
Wednesday February 8th

A thread of Victorian lace weaves its’ way through a slew of weddings ending up on the back of an Harley Davidson. How does one thing turn into another? The story of upcycling, recycling and motorcycling.
A whirlwind of taffeta, tiaras and terrifying truths.
A new piece, written and performed by Sammy Kissin
Directed by Kirsty Patrick Ward

Wednesday February 8th & Friday February 10th

Comical, lyrical, improvised theatre from an Only Child. Come and watch Jinni Lyons people the stage with myriad companions in a series of vignettes charting each character’s quirks and peccadilloes, dilemmas and dreams.
Created with and directed by Cariad Lloyd, Paul Foxcroft and Katy Schutte.

“Astonishing and hilarious” – Hideout Theatre, Austin, Texas
“Magical intimate character improv” – Bristol Improv Theatre
“An exemplary improviser…I have never seen anyone like her” – Mike McShane, Whose Line is it Anyway?

Thursday February 9th & Saturday February 18th

Improvisation, storytelling, and original sea shanties all feature in this interactive adventure following a couple of humble fishermen in search of mischief and mythical creatures. Join our two intrepid explorers and their trusty mobile tug boat as they regale you with stories and songs to spark the imagination of fellow adventurers young and old. No space, field, living room or hovel is too big or too small for these two loveable harmonising fisherfolk. A good story needs nothing but good storytellers, so no matter where your encounter takes place, the magic of the sea will not easily be forgotten.
Created and performed by A Nod & A Wink: Amy Gledhill & Jennifer Jordan.

Wednesday February 15th


CARAVAN SHORTS poster design by May-Britt Boekel