Various locations in and around London
Rye Arts Festival, September 2016

“If there had been room to stand up in the caravan, no doubt Kissin would have received the ovation she deserved.” READ MORE: RYE NEWS
We bring various evocative, humorous, intriguing 15/20 minute plays to festivals and unexpected locations.
The caravan serves as a small portable theatre and was created in 2015 for a season of 6 weeks in the Market Hall at Borough Market.
The portable theatre is designed by Rosa Sijben and can seat up to 9 people at a time

A fresh, immediate and unpretentious way to bring theatre and storytelling to people in unusual spaces.
We feel that by its very nature our tiny theatre brings a particular intimacy and connection between performer and audience unlike any other.

The Caravan lends itself to the kind of immersive, unusual and often transportive (!) stories that we like to tell in it. We feel that as an experience it is a wonderful way to introduce audiences to new writing and theatre in a totally disarming and unique context.

Vault Festival – February 2016
Where traditionally, there first is a play, concept or story and only then the creation of the set, Rosa wondered what would happen if fine arts wasn’t reduced to just the materials, props or costumes, but also introduces a concept and takes initiative.”  READ MORE: STRAYLIGHT 

Design by Sogi Lee-Henson
Design by Sofi Lee-Henson


SUMMER SHORTS @Market Hall, Borough Market, June 2015
In collaboration with MERGE Festival, Better Bankside and Tate Modern.

“It’s always an exciting challenge to find the appropriate writers and performers for the shorts. And it’s always incredibly rewarding to see the pieces come to live! READ MORE: THE NEW CURRENT

Design by May-Britt Boekel
Design by May-Britt Boekel


The Allen Key
A story which plunges us into the tragi-comic reality of what it means to be a human, searching for love and meaning in the assemble-it-yourself age of Ikea.
Written by Sammy Kissin
Performed by Judith Amsenga
Directed by Anthony Lau
“I found this theatre deeply profound and moving. Thank you very much.”

Judith Amsenga – Photography by Nick Chillingworth
Mary Louise, Mistress of the Seven Seas.
Enter the caravan where an ancient figurehead comes to life, telling tales of truth and the sea.
This “enchanting and riveting” poetic monologue mixes the mucky with the magical, leaving you moved and uplifted.
Written and performed by Sammy Kissin
Directed by Kirsty Patrick Ward
Sammy Kissin - Photography by Bernadette Baksa
Sammy Kissin – Photography by Bernadette Baksa
A twisted comedy about humanity, inhumanity, and discovering that when it comes to catastrophic relationships, some endings are more final than others.
Performed by Brendan O’ Rourke & Robin Steegman
Directed by Crissy O Donovan
Written by Jodi Gray

FINALE poster – Photography by Tean Roberts

Photography by Nick Chillingworth