20 minute performances to an intimate audience of 10 max

The caravan serves as a small portable theatre and can seat up to 10 people at a time.
We bring various evocative, humorous, intriguing 15/20 minute plays to festivals and unexpected locations.
The portable theatre was created in 2015 and designed by Rosa Sijben.

A fresh, immediate and unpretentious way to bring theatre and storytelling to people in unusual spaces.
We feel that by its very nature our tiny theatre brings a particular intimacy and connection between performer and audience unlike any other.
The Caravan lends itself to the kind of immersive, unusual and often transportive (!) stories that we like to tell in it. We feel that as an experience it is a wonderful way to introduce audiences to new writing and theatre in a totally disarming and unique context.

Previous collaborations:
Houghton Festival ’17, ’18 / Pete the Monkey Festival ’18 / Vault Festival ’16, ’17, ’18 / Rye Arts Festival ’16, ’17 / MERGE Festival ’15, ’16, ’17 / Market Hall at Borough Market ’15 / Libreria, a bookshop by Second Home ’16
Previous Performers:

Maddy and Marina Bye
Alexandria Macleod and Rebecca Banatvala
Sarah Milton
Clare Murphy
Lynn Ruth Miller
Tim Renkow
Sara Barron
Tim Allsop, Claire Redcliffe, Karl Wilson, Naomi Belle and Julie Yammanee

Barry ferns
Paul Westwood
Sofi Lee-Henson
Matt Price
Olivia Mace
Scott Brooksbanks
Alison Arnopp
Paloma Oakenfold
Yshani Perinpanayagam
Jinni Lyons, Helen Foster and Jonah Fazel
Helen Ryan.


Sammy Kissin
Judith Amsenga
Maya Wasowicz
Claire Wilson
Declan Feenan
Jodi Grey
Crissy O Donovan
Brendan O’Rourke
David Kirkbride