CARAVAN THEATRE – Vault Festival

Various evocative, humorous and intriguing 20 minute performances to a small intimate audience.

Returning for its third year – The Caravan Theatre at VAULT Festival brings various evocative, humorous and intriguing newly written 20 minute plays, performances and stand-up comedy to a small intimate audience of nine people max at a time.

Thursday March 8th & Saturday March 10th
8.30pm + 9.30pm

After a sell out show at the Edinburgh Fringe 2017, Siblings is back with a brand new act. Part time character comedians and full time sisters Maddy and Marina Bye have come back for a second bite of the cherry, this time with a bit of clowning (no pie), serious acting (some pie) and some real deep-rooted familial issues. Expect some new and old characters, more drama, less dignity and a whole lot of synchronised dance. “Definitely stars in the making” Voice Mag
“Watch Out for these Gals” Jennifer Saunders

Wednesday March 7th & Thursday 8th
6.30pm + 7.30pm
Created and performed by Alexandria Macleod and Rebecca Banatvala
Mesdames et messieurs, bienvenue Chezcaravangio! The latest in dining experience. It’s Bip and Bop’s first date. Perhaps that means nothing. Perhaps that means everything. But something is burgeoning, whether it be an epic romance or future anecdote. Waiting For Godot meets First Dates, Rapport, will have you in stitches as Bip and Bop attempt to find a connection through their universally mundane lives.
Rapport is a comedic two hander premiering at the Caravan theatre as part of the Vaults Festival.

Wednesday March 7th
8.30pm & 9.30pm

Acclaimed playwright and performer Sarah Milton performs her spoken word pieces The Night Tella & When I Met Rosie.
The Night Tella was commissioned by The Royal Court as part of their Open Court Festival in 2016, performed in their Jerwood Theatre Upstairs; A piece about an attack, a friendship and a night that should have ended in the chip shop.
When I Met Rosie has been performed at The Pleasance, ItAffectsMe Mental Health Festival at The Arts Depot & 2 North Down. A piece about a relationship, time and loving someone with a mental illness.
“★★★★★” (Grumpy Gay Critic on The Night Tella)
“A talent to watch.” (Female Arts on When I Met Rosie)
“There’s so much to love about this show; not least Sarah Milton’s performance.” (The Scotsman on Tumble Tuck)
“A compelling story, deftly told.” (The Stage on Tumble Tuck)

CLARE MURPHY- Little Love Stories
Saturday March 10th
6.30pm + 7.30pm
(Little Love Stories for a Little Theatre).
Love stories have been at the heart of human culture since forever. Love between gods, forbidden love, familial love, friendships, love of your home place. We are driven to great heights and huge depths by our addiction to LOVE.
Come hear stories from forever ago about all kinds of love and how it shapes our world.
30 minutes of love stories from around the world.
Friday March 9th
8.30pm & 9.30pm

Lynn started doing comedy on stage when she was 70 years old. She was dubbed the new Joan Rivers of Fringe Comedy at The Edinburgh International Fringe. Now 84, she has accumulated numerous awards and is the oldest performing female stand up comedian in the UK. Those who are older can no longer stand up.

Friday March 9th
6.30pm & 7.30pm


Thursday Feb 22nd,

Wednesday Feb 28th & Thursday March 1st
8.30pm + 9.30pm
Performed by Scott Brooksbank & Olivia Mace
Directed by Eloise Lally
Written by Olivia Mace

A sex scandal, disgraced politician and exclusive interview. Magnum Whitlock has been accused of sexual misconduct. He has resigned from his job in the home office. His wife is divorcing him and his reputation is in tatters, so it’s time to hear his side of the story. As a journalist makes the journey to an undisclosed location, what truth will she really uncover…
Thursday Feb 22nd, Wednesday Feb 28th, Thursday March 1st & Friday March 2nd

6.30pm + 7.30pm

Written and directed by Paul Westwood
Performed by Tim Allsop, Claire Redcliffe, Karl Wilson, Naomi Belle and Julie Yammanee
First day on set.
First day of the film career.
Learn the lines.
Show up.
Paul Westwood returns to Caravan Theatre @ Vaults after last year’s sell-out, “Citizen Recall: Mrs Helen Stridgen”.


Saturday March 3rd
6.30pm – 7.30pm – 8.30pm – 9.30pm

Created by Sofi Lee-Henson
Meet Bites is a microcosm of Meet Market, which takes the form of speed dating, however it is not dating. You do not have to be single to attend.
We break down all facets of human interaction, attraction and body chemistry to find out exactly what makes a great interpersonal connection. Each participant will undertake several quickfire activities, each a non-verbal exercise.
Meet Bites will consist of a handful of people in a confined space: strangers, friends, family. By the end of the session, you will know each other better, and perhaps even get to know yourself better.

Friday February 23rd
6.30pm – 7.30pm – 8.30pm – 9.30pm
In short, Barry about Barry:
“..Due to a huge petition, and a number of large rallies in Thailand, I finally started stand-up again in September 2010 (I did make a few attempts in 2008 as well, but they lacked conviction). And I now run Angel Comedy – A Comedy Club in Islington that runs 7 nights a week. I also performs up and downs the worlds doing funny things for monies.
In 2013 I won the Malcom Hardee Award at the Edinburgh Festival and in 2014 won the “Spirit of the Fringe” award – also at the Edinburgh Festival.
Incidentally – I also have an MA in Creative writing and I am a qualified Deep Tissue Massage Therapist”


TIM RENKOW tries to Punch Down
Wednesday Feb 14th & Friday Feb 16th
6.30pm + 7.30pm
In comedy there is a rule, “ NO PUNCHING DOWN.”
Tim Renkow is a crippled, Mexican, Jew and thus it is very hard for him to find a group he is not allowed to make fun of, which is insulting. Tim desperately needs to find a group that is off limits, to prove, to himself, he is not the bottom of the social ladder.
“So funny and engaging his disability becomes irrelevant in the glare of his charisma. As does the fact he’s come to work dressed in pyjamas.” —Russell Brand

Wednesday Feb 21st
6.30pm + 7.30pm
Jonathan Gunning was a multi award winning stand up prodigy. Then he disappeared for 20 years. Now 40 years old, he still might be a prodigy. With a highly visual style that leans heavily on storytelling, Jdog, (as he’s not known) is back!


Thursday Feb 15th & Saturday Feb 17th
6.30 + 7.30pm

Sara Barron is the author of two essay collections, “The Harm in Asking” and “People Are Unappealing.” Her work has appeared in Vanity Fair, on Showtime’s This American Life, NPR’s Weekend Edition, NBC’s Today Show, and HBO’s comedy festival. She is a frequent host of The Moth: True Stories Told Live.