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work in progress upcoming London shows Feb 21-23

Early 2019 Robin Steegman created and performed a 30 minute set called MY MUM WOULDN’T WATCH THIS
In August 2019 she will be joined by Kirsten Brown and Chris Sav to perform a one hour show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival:


– Three comedians have caused their mothers endless stress and worry, and you will be in no doubt as to why once you’ve seen their show.
Kirsten was a So You Think You’re Funny Finalist 2017 and was described by Steve Bennett as ‘neatly off-kilter.’
Chris is a regular at both Komedia and Radio 6. ‘Chris’s songs will put a spring in your onion; pleasantly bonkers’ (Audience review).
Robin is new to comedy; her mother has been quoted as saying ‘please stop’.

Upcoming shows:
July 15th: London preview, venue tbc
Aug 2-25th: Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Sweet Venues, 18:20

5 topics in 30 minutes, exploring the beauty, fun and tragedy of failure.
Written and performed by Robin Linde Steegman
Directed by Aitor Basauri

“ was early Steve Martin with a dollop of Daniel Kitson’s theatricality. Is it theatre? Is it stand-up? Who knows! Looking forward to seeing what Robin does with it.” – David Colvin

“This show is severely entertaining. It’s clowning with heartbreaking honesty and charm. From Robin’s first smile I was engrossed.” – Arthur McBain

“..cute, intimate, honest character comedy filled with warming vulnerability. Robin’s 30 minutes was not only highly entertaining but she took care of her audience, and gently got each person on board as we ascended up the rollercoaster climb and were let loose with her various personalities. Superb!” – Sofi Lee-Henson

“Shall we just say she’s waaaay too funny for my pelvic floor these days and leave it at that…” – Maya Wasowicz

Feb 21-23rd 2019 PLAY PIE PINT at Vaulty Towers, Lower March