‘Robin Linde Productions manage to create a fabulous atmosphere in this Site Specific production;’
-Amie Taylor (@AmieAmieTay) 2016 www.femalearts.com

ON THE LINE – United we stand

Join us for an evening of boogie, bingo and banter. Celebrate a shared strength and dignity in unity; to stand up against the injustice that threatens to destroy our homes, history and identity all while dancing the night away to Wham! It is 1985 and a group of proactive miner’s wives are hosting a festive fundraising party to collect for the hungry families in their community and we’re all invited. Babs and her best friend Jackie are putting on a night to remember. ON THE LINE draws parallels between Thatcher’s “Divide and Rule” tactics and today’s political agenda, opening up a moment in recent history and making it more immediate to today. Our audience is encouraged to bring a food donation to the party that will then go directly to those Londoners most in need. Partnered with a London food bank, we are supporting parts of our own community that are forced to live on the line.

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‘it’s hard to tell if it’s improvised or skilfully scripted to seem improvised, either way, there’s a freshness to their performance which is hugely engaging for the duration.
-Amie Taylor (@AmieAmieTay) 2016

Length of the play: one hour plus 80’s disco afterwards.
Written by Aled Pedrick
Directed by: Yasmeen Arden
Performed by: Judith Amseanga, Jeremy Hancock, Dominik Goldning and Charlotte Higgins.
Music composed and performed by Kevin Potton

Writer Aled Pedrick is the son of a coal miner.
His mother was pregnant with him during a year long strike and his sister was just one year old. So, both parents without income for 12 months, with a young family.
His family, as many families in this community, are still paying the price of financial devastation this caused and will always be in debt as a result.

March 2nd

Ivy House Nunhead
March 13th
Arcola Bar
October 6th
Blackfriars Settlement
Blackfriars Settlement is a registered charity based in London SE1 which has been helping the community for over 125 years; creating and providing community services and support.
Platform Southwark
A new multi-discipline temporary project space with a mission to encourage and promote groundbreaking art, music and performance. Set over three floors, home to live events, exhibitions and workshops, with space occupied by South London arts organisations. This is a place where artists can collaborate and engage with the local community, have fun and create something special.

‘The delivery of Tony’s monologue is wonderfully moving, highlighting the shattered pride and desperation of the man, only wanting to provide for his family, and reminding us of the shades of grey in the conflict.’
-Claire Roderick for Fairy Powered Productions

The show includes a short film capturing the voices of the women who are volunteering at the soup kitchen. Here, we get to see “behind the scenes” and in to the heart of everyday life for them and their families. We hear the striker’s wives stories, inspired by the true stories of the real women sharing their laughter and struggle with us. We see the unity and friendships forged against all odds to empower themselves and their communities. We are privileged to have a wonderful cast of seven actors who will star in this short film and we are determined to give their work the appropriate result.
Our short film cast includes: Penny Lisle, Susan Burton, Nita Mistry, Jill Riddiford, Verity Arden, Judith Amsenga and Charlotte Higgins.

ON THE LINE – Blackfriars Settlement Images by www.tommophoto.com
ON THE LINE – Blackfriars Settlement Images by www.tommophoto.com
_mg_0286 ON THE LINE – Blackfriars Settlement Images by www.tommophoto.com
ON THE LINE – Blackfriars Settlement Images by www.tommophoto.com
ON THE LINE – Platform Southwark Images by www.tommophoto.com
ON THE LINE – Blackfriars Settlement Images by www.tommophoto.com
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ON THE LINE at The Ivy House Nunhead
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ON THE LINE at The Ivy House Nunhead