We presented six weeks of six different 15 minute short plays in the summer of 2015.
Performed in our small portable theatre created by Rosa Sijben.
The location: Market Hall, Borough Market, Bankside, London.

In collaboration with MERGE Festival, Better Bankside and Tate Modern.
The shows were on from Wednesday till Saturday between 11am and 5pm.


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Photography by Maria Brosnan
Photography by Maria Brosnan


Week 1 
Angela moves into a caravan site to get away from it all and write her novel. But when she discovers the building of the new toilet block will obstruct her panoramic view, she takes matters into her own hands to stop it at all costs.
Performed by: Maya Wasowicz and Robin Steegman
Written by: Claire Wilson
Directed by: Declan Feenan

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Photography by Maria Brosnan

Week 2 
Jo’s bed is falling apart. When she goes to Ikea to buy a new one, it seems her life is on the verge of doing the same. What she doesn’t factor in is how everything is about to change, how she’ll come back from Neasden with so much more than a new bed.
This story plunges us into the tragi-comic reality of what it means to be a human, searching for love and meaning in the assemble-it-yourself age of Ikea.

Written by Sammy Kissin
Performed by Judith Amsenga
Directed by: Anthony Lau

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Photography by Maria Brosnan

Week 3 
1. A Swimming pool
2. A boy
3. David Bowie
4. Me
5. Something sad..
6. You?
Created by Emma Berentsen & Annemiek van Elst
Performed by Annemiek van Elst

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Photography by Maria Brosnan

Week 4
A short story about seeking out light, searching out love and stretching out wide into the shape you were born to make.
Her mother used to keep her in a jam jar. Robinsons thinly cut marmalade. Until one day she’d had enough. It’s a stuffy home a jam jar, apparently. So she stuck her arm out, then her neck, then a leg… And before she knew it she had uncurled, spread out, stretched up and breathed. She breathed! It was only then she realised- she was in fact much bigger than that jar. And do you know what?… she never could fit back inside after that.
Created and performed by Paloma Oakenfold

Photography by Maria Brosnan

Week 5
A determined idiot in the middle of a life changing situation, is it wrong to laugh?
‘Left or Right’ is based on comedy in tragic situations.
It is in these moments we see people’s humanity and the beauty in comedy.
Created and performed by Jonathan Peck.
Photography by Maria Brosnan
Photography by Maria Brosnan
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Photography by Maria Brosnan

Week 6
Step inside the small venue and you are being taken to somewhere. A man tells you that there will be no remorse at the end of this journey. When it arrives at the destination, you will know the truth.
Inspired by Japan’s ancient tale published in Lafcadio Hearn’s Kwaidan (1903)
Created by Tanroh Ishida and Taichi Imanishi


Photography by Maria Brosnan
Photography by Maria Brosnan
Photography by Maria Brosnan

Rosa Sijben
By turning the common order of working upside down, Rosa Sijben aims for a collaboration between fine arts and theatre that challenges the usual approach.
Where traditionally there first is a play, concept or story and only then the creation of the set, Sijben wonders what would happen if fine arts wasn’t reduced to just the materials, props and costumes, but also makes a conceptual statement and takes initiative.
‘What if it moves from answering a request or need, to posing a question?’
Rosa create a work of art, or a setting which contains several works, to be interpreted by the performance makers, who in that way will ‘complete’ the collaboration.

Rosa Sijben
Courtesy Rosa Sijben and Kunstverein für die Rheinlande und Westfalen, Düsseldorf

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