Inside The Nursery Theatre Arch '14

For the past five years, Arch 61 Ewer Street was the home of The Nursery Festival, hosted by The Nursery.

Every October The Nursery would host three weekends of new, devised and improvised theatre. A lot of the performers were regulars at the festival. After the three weekends they would often develop their shows further, bring them to other festivals such as The Edinburgh Fringe Festival and Vault Festival and eventually return to the October weeks with brand new work.

Robin Linde Productions documented small bits of their last festival at Arch 61 in 2014. Along the seven shows that were performed over the three weekends were:

Into the Wolf, David Razowsky & friends, Richard Marsh, Paloma Celeste Oakenfold, Single Shoe Productions and My Name is B


The Nursery is not located at Arch 61 anymore. They are currently moving to a new space.

For more info about The Nursery and their festivals, performances and workshops: