Monologues @ Bold Tendencies

A celebration of Sammy Kissin’s writing.

A celebration of Sammy Kissin’s writing.
Inside the auditorium at Bold Tendencies in August 2016.
We presented three evocative and intriguing 20 minute short plays, previously performed at Libreria and inside the Caravan Theatre plus two new pieces especially written for the auditorium.

“Where do I get my ideas?
– mostly from other people. From riffing off friends. From what I see, hear and read. Sometimes it feels like ideas drop out of the sky, like bird poo, but nicer.
Sometimes they ambush me at night as I’m trying to sleep, so I always have a notebook next to my bed.
Sometimes it’s like a wave that comes and I try and ride it for as long as it will carry me.”
– Sammy Kissin

Judith BT1


This story plunges us into the tragi-comic reality of what it means to be a human, searching for love and meaning in the assemble-it-yourself age of Ikea.
Performed by Judith Amsenga
Directed by Anthony Lau

Sammy 2


An ancient figurehead comes to life, telling tales of truth and the sea. This “enchanting and riveting” ( ****Grumpy Gay Critic) poetic monologue mixes the mucky with the magical, leaving you moved and uplifted.
Performed by Sammy Kissin
Directed by Kirsten Patrick Stewart


Henry 1


“Hi my name’s Johnny”.
Johnny is psyched. Johnny is so ready for this. Armed with an iPhone and a Twitter account, Johnny is ready to take on the injustice of the world. #watchthisspace #BOOM

Performed by Henry Gilbert
Directed by Zoe Lafferty

Robin 2 BT


A bittersweet and unlikely story of love and loss and identity. Funny and touching with a double helping of silliness.

Performed by Robin Steegman
Directed by David Kirkbridge

Photography by

Sammy 1

Henry 2BT

Robin BT