Time To Be Late ’16 & ’17 SE1

Unexpected happenings during your daily commute - SE1, London

Commissioned by Southwark Council as part of Blackfriars Stories.
MERGE Festival 2016 & 2016
Injecting your journey with energy and humour, this quirky theatrical experience celebrates the history and character of Blackfriars Road and Southwark. The streets will come alive through a series of unexpected sights, featuring actors, artists and musicians
Costume design by Isobel Pellow
Make-up and hair by Carly Guy
Robot creation by Poppy Harris

A roaming robot inspired by ‘father of computing’ Charles Babbage. Charles Babbage (1791 – 1871), pioneer of computing, lived in Southwark as a child. The father of the Difference Engine, a machine which could perform mathematical calculations, he worked with engineer Joseph Clement, who owned his own workshop in Southwark, to design and develop the Engine.
The two developed the Difference Engine, but Babbage also worked on another invention, the more complex Analytical Engine – a revolutionary device on which his fame as a computer pioneer now largely rests. Neither the Analytical Engine, nor Difference Engine 2, were finished in Babbage’s lifetime.
Images by tommophoto.com and Bernadette Baksa


Charlie Chaplin x 3 brought silent comedy to the streets – chasing the ‘Pretty Girl’, whilst being chased by the ‘Police Man’. 
Chaplin’s impoverished childhood was spent on the streets of Southwark. Even once he found fame in Hollywood, he remained linked to the area, supporting the Borough Market Sports Day.
Images by tommophoto.com

Photography by www.tommophoto.com


SILENT DISCO – outside the TFL building. Inspired by the THREE 80s DANCERS who, aside from demonstrating their moves on Blackfriars Road, joined the disco.
Images by Bernadette Baksa